It’s Sunday night, half way through the christmas break, my to-do list is growing. Obviously the perfect time to make a first foray into the world of the blog.  Be gentle.
So, 13 highlights.
1) surprise 40th birthday party, courtesy of husband, parents and friends.
2) watching my daughter sail confidently into year 1.
3) seeing my son develop a wicked sense of humour – cool kid- just in time for starting high school in September 14.
4) opening up some impressive exam results for fantastic students.
5) amazing uptake for A-level English and Literature-biggest numbers ever.
6) 5 fabulous days in NYC with my two best friends-promised husband he can come with me next time.
7) appointing 2 great NQTs to the department.
8) the timely arrival of a beautiful niece.
9) surviving the toughest year so far of my teaching journey. Been at it since 1995, serious thoughts about jacking it in, but came through, I think.
10) teaching A-level language for the first time.
11) hearing about an ex-student who cited his raison d’être for becoming a teacher.
12) successfully applying for NPQSL course – challenge!!
13) discovering the joys of twitter and passing these on to my department.

14 wishes.
1) balance. My children are growing up so quickly, I don’t want to have blinked and missed it.
2) develop smarter working style. Saddened to see so many colleagues dissolusioned and downhearted.
3) stop being a control freak and delegate appropriately.
4) speak up- no more fence sitting, it only leads to a splintered bum.
5) stop wishing I was someone else – I’m not, I never will be, so get on with it!
6) will collect my daughter from school at least once a month-therefore avoiding embarrassing situation where her class teacher has to ask me which child is it I’ve come to collect.
7) learn how to play StarWars on the X-box with son, then defeat him, mercilessly.
8) make time for friends.
9) have the confidence to say NO. I’m not Wonder Woman, and I look rubbish in knee boots.
10) appreciate that there are things I cannot do, and I will need to ask for help.
11) care less about what others think of me.
12) stop moaning in staff room-I’ll use my blog for that 😉
13) focus on areas where I can gave a positive impact.
14) become a seasoned tweeter/ blogger.

If you’ve read this far, thank you.


Central Park, May 2013

Central Park, May 2013